How to remove "When you use, the app creator:"

Good Day Everyone, Please help with this warning message i want to remove this “When you use this app, the app creator ____ may receive:” This appsheet is public and no need to sign-in but still with warning message.

I suppose you are on either Premium or Pro plan rather than publisher pro lisence.

This part is bit confusing (to me), it is saying this app is public, and app will not require sign in. However, you should be charged on the basis of number of users who access to your ‘public’ app. In that sense, you will see the app is not like the usual published app, which Publisher Pro plan provides.

I m not perfectly sure but app with Publisher pro plan will not present this confirmation message when the user access to the app initially?

Is this the Publisher Pro License?

What do you mean and ask?

@John_Paul_Armisa This warning was put in place when the data privacy laws from the EU went into place.

There is no way of removing that window - nor have I heard any talk about removing it. In fact, I might be against the law (in certain jurisdictions) to NOT have that displayed.

Part of the purpose of that screen is that the user is ALSO agreeing to AppSheet’s terms and policies.

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