How to restrict/omit/hide a value in a dependent dropdown?

I have an equipment inspection app with the following enum columns: Asset Type and Asset ID

The user selects the Asset Type they’re inspecting - Vehicle, Skidsteer, Paver - which then filters available Asset ID options to inspect.

In my Asset Type column I have a valid_if expression - Fleet Assets[Asset Type] - which correctly returns a dropdown of all Asset Types in my Fleet Assets table.

I want to hide the Vehicle option so that the only options available are skidsteer and paver.

Is this possible without “breaking” the dependent portion of Asset ID column?

Hi @Dialect_Junk,

There could be more elegant and efficient ways to achieve this, but just in case it helps , you may wish to try following

In the valid_if of [Asset Type] you could have an expression like Fleet Assets[Asset Type] - {“Vehicle”}

In the valid_if of [Asset ID] column, there could be an expression something like SELECT( Fleet Assets[Asset ID],[Asset Type]=[_THISROW].[Asset Type])

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That worked wonderfully. Thank you, sir!

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