How to rounding up a decimal value

Hi every body !
I come back to you about my appsheet project.

In the column “Taille de l’échantillon”, I would like to rounding up automatically this value.
I wrote a statistique formula which calculate the valu “Taille de l’échantillon” and I would like to rounding up this value : example : here the value is 378,35 and need to be rounding up to 379.

Thank you a lot for your help ! :ok_hand:

Please consider using one of the following AppSheet functions


Thank you a lot @Suvrutt_Gurjar !

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So, here is my calculation for the column “Taille de l’échantillon” : ((([Sigma][Sigma])([Proportion](1-[Proportion])))/([Marge d’erreur][Marge d’erreur]))/(1+((([Sigma][Sigma])([Proportion](1-[Proportion])))/(([Marge d’erreur][Marge d’erreur])*[Nb d’OTs/an])))

Shall I write CEILING((([Sigma][Sigma])([Proportion](1-[Proportion])))/([Marge d’erreur][Marge d’erreur]))/(1+((([Sigma][Sigma])([Proportion](1-[Proportion])))/(([Marge d’erreur][Marge d’erreur])*[Nb d’OTs/an]))) in the Formula ?


Should be correct.

Just in case, I allow myself to make a suggestion: when you write expressions such as this one, it could be useful for you and us, to indent formula and add some blank spaces, then use the “preformatted text” in the editor toolbox (icon : </>).
This way, it turns easier to read and understand.

   (([Sigma] *[Sigma])* ([Proportion] *(1-[Proportion])))/([Marge d’erreur]* [Marge d’erreur]))
   (1+((([Sigma] *[Sigma])* ([Proportion] *(1-[Proportion])))/(([Marge d’erreur]* [Marge d’erreur])*[Nb d’OTs/an]))



Ok super, but what means the “!”.

I don t see any problems : calculation + rounding up work good so idu…

Thanks for the strong help ! :ok_hand:

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The exclamation point in the yellow triangle means the reference is not found in the source table, or at least in the key_column.

Can you confirm that ?


So you say that appsheet don’t recognize the link of the reference between 2 tables ?

Actually it probably does.
But it’s looking for the value “379” in the key_column of “Tableau de mesure” (or “Mesure discontinue”, I’m not sure of correctly understand in which table is the column “Taille de l’échantillon”), and I assume 379 is not an entry ?

EDIT : minor correction


In the table “Mesure discontinue” there is a formula for calculate “Taille de l’échantillon”.
In a second table “TABLEAU DES RESULTATS”, the column “Taille de l’échantillon” is a Ref.

By this way, I would like to call back the value of “Taille de l’échantillon” of the table “Mesure discontinue” to inject this value in the table “TABLEAU DES RESULTATS”.


What is the source table of your ref ?
And what is the key_column of this source table ?

I think there is something to do with it.


The source table is “Mesure discontinue”
The key_column is “Numéro de mesure”…