How to save unsynced data / valid 'google' account error


I’m using AppSheet in a class and recently quit a few students had the following kind of error:

I should explain that, in this class, all of the students have copied a prototype app that I made and are using it with their own data on a free plan. So, unlike typical business situations, this is not a case in which multiple people are working with the same data.

When the students told me about this problem yesterday I hesitated to tell them to try logging out and then logging in again because many of them had large amount of data (over 100) that were unsynced.

Before posting, I looked for discussion of a similar error message on this community and found this:

Since the recommendation was to contact, I did that and have been communicating with @Aleksi who, as always, has been quite helpful. We are continuing our discussion but I think I’ll wind up telling the students to log out and log in again, even if that means that they may lose some data.

I thought I’d post here for two reasons:

  1. I’m curious to know if others have experienced a similar error. In my class, quite a few students suddenly seemed to be having this problem. I suspect that some of them may have had unsynced data that they allowed to sit in the app for quite a while and that that may be part of the problem. I wonder, though, if any of you have had a similar issue.
  2. I wonder if any of you have any wisdom about what to do with unsynced data when an error comes up. I searched for “unsynced” on this forum but didn’t find much.


P.S. I see that there has been a similar Microsoft error recently:

I haven’t been able to find a reference to the same sort of problem with Google accounts, however.

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I received a reply from @Aleksi, who was kind enough to check with @praveen. It seems that the “app creator’s token” has expired and so the students need to go to the AppSheet website, logout and then log in again. Thanks!!

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You’re welcome

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I haven’t gotten a report back from any of the students yet but when I do I’ll report back here to confirm that this worked.


One of the students responded, telling me that he is able to use the app again. Now that I understand the problem, I’ll be able to warn students about it in advance and tell them what to do so that they can resolve the problem quickly. Thanks again!

Just wandering… is it possible that they haven’t used the app for two weeks?

Yes. That seems to be what has happened.

If I remember correctly…Google throws you out after 14 days.