How to Search Enum Fields I have a table wit...

(Tyson Carmichael (FlyTy)) #1

How to Search Enum Fields

I have a table with accomplishments which includes a skills field. The skills field references the skills table.

I made the skills field Enum type because I wanted to select all the skills that apply to the accomplishment entered. (1 Accomplishment can demonstrate many skills and 1 skill is found in many accomplishments)

My question is, If I want to run a search based on a skill and have it returns all the matching accomplishments with that skill, How would this work since multiple skills are saved in one cell instead of separate records?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi +Tyson Carmichael,

For slice filter etc, the expression can be

IN(“Skill Name”,[Skill]) where “SkillName” is the name of the skill in the skills list field called [Skill] , for which you wish to select the corresponding rows of accomplishments.

For coming up with a list of all all accomplishments for a particular skill,the expression can be as follows

SELECT(Accomplishment Table[Accomplishment],IN(“Skill Name”,[Skill]))