How to see column with formula?

Hello Appsheet family,

I have a table name Order with a column called Available which has a formula that de-reference number in the column Total Qty from the Qty table. Because of the formula, the value that needs to be seen does not show up in the Order_form view?

Please help!


The form view will not display non-editable columns that have no value. I know the Available column is non-editable because it has an App formula expression–any column with an App formula expression cannot be edited. I have to assume that the value of the Total Qty column of the row referenced by [Id] is blank. If you want the Available column to be shown, the Total Qty column must have a non-blank value.

My Total Qty column has formula. All I want to do is see Available value from Total Qty when customer fills out order from.

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Perhaps [Id] does not point to the Qty table? Please post a screenshot of the column configuration for the Id column of the Order table.

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Thanks for the screenshot: the column appears correctly configured.

I think the problem is that the App formula expression of a normal (non-virtual) column is only updated when the row is otherwise modified, such as when edited in a form or modified with an action. You probably haven’t modified the row since it was first added, so the App formula expression hasn’t been reevaluated,

I think I did not pay attention to form view all the column which I had to scroll down and found out I have mixed ref of product and Qty where total qty get’s updated only if I use Qty ref id. Let me sort out and will update you once done.