How to select 100 items from a list

I need to select the first 100 items from a list generated from several SELECT lists added.

LIST((SELECT(Destinatarios Fijos[_RowNumber],true)+
SELECT(Destinatarios Importados 1[_RowNumber],true)+
SELECT(Destinatarios Importados 2[_RowNumber],true)+
SELECT(Destinatarios Importados 3[_RowNumber],true)+
SELECT(Destinatarios Importados 4[_RowNumber],true))-
SPLIT(SELECT(Envíos[Destinatarios],[Campaña Id]=[_THISROW].[Campaña Id])))

I understand that I must do it with FILTER () and with INDEX () but I can’t find a way.
Any guidance?

Will the TOP() function work?


Thank you very much I did not remember that this expression existed!

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As you probably know, you typically use TOP in conjunction with SORT. SORT ensures that the records you want are at the “top” of the list.