How to select data from a tabel with the help of selected date by user input?

I have one tabel ‘Data’ which conatins many data with different dates.

So is there is any thing by which we make one date selecter and by that we list out that data of the selected date.

Please help me out!

@Steve @Guy_Merlin_Dyangnou @Suvrutt_Gurjar @App_Sheet

@Amazon_Infinite , Please be more explicit I’m not sure I understood your concern. You can no longer illuminate with the screenshots

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Not easily.


Sorry for that @Guy_Merlin_Dyangnou i not started yet for this becouse i am confused from where i start.

Simply i want a data with date.

For exampel

We have 3 customers named as A, B, C.
We have data as.,
For A customer on 24/05/2021
For B customer on 25/04/2021
For C customer on 26/04/2021

Now we have one column date., When we enter a date 24/05/2021 so its show only that data which are of 24/04/2021.

How we do that have any sampel app by which i easly get the answer.

Are any sampel app that help me out by this topic?