How to select items from a list to update a field

I’m building a Work order App.
“Work_Order” table has a field called “work_done”.
There is another table, “task_list” (read only) which is a list of common work tasks that can be performed by a technician.

I would like the technician to choose the one or multiple tasks that they performed and have the text for those choices added to the “work_done” field in the “Work_Order” table.

The scenario would be - the technician goes to the work order form and enters other details - when they get to the work_done field, I would like them to be able to display a list of the tasks from the task_list table, choose the tasks they performed, and when they close that form, have the selections they made update the work_done field they were previously looking at.
I’m not sure how to initiate the task_list selection while editing the work order form.

Can that be done?