How to select more materials (row) from my stock form?

When I fill the budget form out, though the app , I need to select more than one material as a specific quantity, per each. I´ve just use “ref” type column, to get the material name from the stock table (different from budget form). Should I create another row to consider the another material name? the ID Client is the same for all kind of materials names. Please let me know.

Have u created a mother-child relation with the stock sheet and the budget form sheet…if you have u can select multiple stocks for the same form…for the mother child relation between the 2 sheets you have to have a common column between the 2 sheets, for the column which you have common between the 2 sheets in the stock sheet in the column editor select ref as type and source as the budget form sheet, and also select isaPartof so that this automatically pulls the details of the common column in the budget form

You can check out the Sample App (Order Capture) where you can see that in order taking one can select multiple items for same order.

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Thank you DPM_reports. Finally my budget app is Ready. Order Capture app is the best model to connect two or more sheets. The Main tools for this objective is REF COLUMNS and IS A PART OF.
Again thank you so much.