¿How to separate Enum List by a line break?

I have a column with a filtered list by formula that is EnumList type and I need to separate those values not by comma " , " but by a like break so that the list in my google sheet column is like this:


It’s bassically a list of key values. that I need to have in a list format but sepparated by new line character.

I alredy tried to put a pilcrow in “Separator” parameter for the EnumList but only shows the values as follows: 15eb521a,9e2c37f8,9aa024d8


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Because I need to send the list of values through email so that the end user just select the list and paste it to excel.

Pd. Nevermind, I made a solution to my necessity with macros in Excel that separates all the values in rows and then it transposes them to make a column.

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:flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :frowning: :anguished: :fearful: :scream: This sounds like something that would seriously affect performance of the app - at least the sync time would be.

I’m surprized @Steve didn’t throw out his customary response for this question:

SUBSTITUTE([Item_List], ",", "

Uhm no, my database is in google sheets, the end user will just receive a list of key values of the colum I mentioned (EnumList) “1244,5545,3355,8829,3334” and the proccess of converting the list it into cells will be done with a macro enabled workbook locally. The app is not connected with the workbook.

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