How to set a filter for a Chart via a dropdown field on a Dashboard

I have two views on my Dashboard

  1. Filter Section with Fin year and Category
  2. Chart

What to display data on a chart based on selection made in teh Filter Section - Fin year Drop down and Category Drop down.

Currently unable to set the selection from Fin year Dropdown in the Slice row criteria.

Create a slice that uses the same data table your current chart uses. Configure the slice’s row filter expression to use the choices made in your Search view to filter the rows of the chart data. Reconfigure the chart view to use the slice.

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thanks for your reply. i tried to implement your suggestion.
My Chart is currently based of a Slice , however unable to add a Filter condition on the Slice Row filter to reference the Search View - Fin Year dropdown

Hi @Shyam

Wrap the last part with ANY()
[Financial Year]=ANY(Search[Financial Year])


Awesome ! It works thanks