How to set Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Expiry after 1 year is over

We take Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for computers. We have entered the AMC Start Date. Now I have another Column AMC Status. Which should show AMC Active if todays date is less than 1 year from the AMC Start Date and if its more than 1 year it should show Expired.

Please let me know how to do this.

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Thanks will look into it… :blush:

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We take Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for computers and that is valid for 365 days.

I have 4 Columns:

AMC Start Date of Type Date

AMC End Date of Type Date

AMC Days (Difference between Todays Date and AMC End Date) of Type Number with App Formula ( IF ( [BT] = AMC Bill, HOUR ( TODAY() - [AMCStartDate] ) / 24, β€œβ€ ) ) which means if the Bill Type (BT) is AMC Bill then find the difference in days of today and AMC Start Date

AMC Status of Type Yes/No

I have put this formula in App Formula of AMC Status Column: IF ( ( [AMCDays] <= 365 ), [AMCStatus] = NO, [AMCStatus] = Yes )

NO and Yes are written as Expired & Active in the Yes/No display Values

If AMC Days value is Less than or equal to 365 the AMC Status shows: Active and if it is more than 365 it shows Expired.

Thanks for the help!! :pray: :blush:

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