How to set Project Priority rules for updating Project Due Date automatically?

I am creating a form for inputting new tasks/ projects & I have a column named [Priority].

I have 3 priority options & would like to have an auto update on the column [Due Date].

  1. high = finish within 1 day
  2. Medium = finish within 3 days
  3. Low = finish within 5 days

My default setting on Data > Column is now “Medium” on [Priority] & “[Record Date]+3” on [Due Date].

But where should I insert the rules for the other 2 options?
Behavior > Actions & “Data: set the values of some columns in this row” on “Do this”?
or it is “Data Validity” on Data > Column?

P.S. Not sure if anyone ask the same question before but I can’t found an solution after going thru both community & YouTube. Thanks!

Hi @vivian
Maybe check out Ifs or switch?


Thanks so much Lynn!

I used switch() on my “initial value” for [Due Date]:

“High”,[Record Date]+1,
“Low”,[Record Date]+5,
[Record Date]+3


Good work.