How to set up LinkROW() to open current row

I am trying to add a technician’s name on an order in detail view. I have an action “go to another view in this app” with deepkey linktorow([_rownumber], “In Progress_FORM”), that prompts the user only for the [tech]. However, when the form saves, it says, “Key Field Customer Name required”. My key is [customer name] (which already has a value assigned to it), and I have also tried in place of [_rownumber], with the same result. This error leads me to think it is trying to create a new row of information instead of editing the current row. How do I direct the form to open the row that is currently in detail view? I cannot tell it to go to the last row because the row is not necessarily the last one.

edit: I should also add that the action is grouped with another action that changes the [status] of the order, which also changes it to another slice/primary view.

Please post a screenshot of the error message.

This is the error given.

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That indicates you’ve opened new row but the new row has not been given a key column value. I’d guess you’re either not using LINKTOROW() as you’ve said and are instead using LINKTOFORM(), or you’re using LINKTOROW() to open a not-yet-existent row. LINKTOROW() can only be used to go to already-existing rows.

Right, it’s not opening the proper row. That’s the problem I am asking help solving. How do I format LINKTOROW() to open the row that is currently displayed in detail view?

I have (since asking the original question) created a [selected] column. I have a group action where step 1 is changing [selected] from NO to YES, and step 2 is opening a new view LINKTOROW(FILTER(“Jobs”, ([selected] = true)), “In Progress_FORM”). When the form saves, it then changes [selected] back to NO. That is working for now.

However, I have found if a client opens the LINKTOROW form, and then exits without saving the info, it stops working again, because now there are multiple columns where [selected] = true.

What is an alternative to open the row that is currently viewed in detail view, or is there a way to perform actions upon cancelling the form?

LINKTOROW( [_THISROW] , "view" )



Thank you! Works perfectly!

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