How to Set What to Display

Hi Everyone,

I am new in Appsheet and trying to be familiar with the editor.

I am facing the problem of setting what to display in the app. I have Nine Columns named ID No, Name, Father’s Name, Subject, Designation, College Name, Join Date, Mobile, Email. In the normal view I want to display Name, Designation, Subject and College Name in this way:

John Smith
Lecturer, Accounting
ABC College

How can I make this happen?
The App is showing only Name and ID No.

I have another problem. Appsheet could not detect the Mobile Numbers. So, there is no call button available. Moreover, the leading zeros of the mobile numbers in the original Excel sheet are also missing in the app.

What can I do?
Please help.

Thanking in advance
Fazlul Haque

It is really difficult to figure out from the above articles !!!

Hi @Fazlul_Haque
Have you had a look at any of the sample Apps?

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Hi @Fazlul_Haque - just to add on to comments above - a couple important concepts that will be helpful to get familiar with include:

  • Column Types (link from Steve) - after you connect your tables, it’s important to make sure each column ‘type’ is set correctly. This will help make sure ‘Actions’ like the call button automatically appear, or that you’re able to manually make new ones.
  • In each ‘Detail View’ (link from Steve), you’ll have the option to customize which columns show up, and in what order.