How to setup billing subscription?

I am launching a public app to the Google Play store. I would like to charge a monthly subscription fee for users but I don’t seem to be able to find any information about it.

Is this possible at all? or so far the only monetizing structure would be a one time fee to purchase the app?

Thanks for any help

If your app is a public public app and authentication is not used, I’m afraid you don’t have any control who can download and use your app

Correct but my understanding and please correct me if am wrong is that my other choice is to use the Secured PRO plan but that means I would be charged $10 per each active user? So if 20 people download the app from the store and subscribe appsheet would then charge me $200 that month?

Yes that’s correct.

Aleksi I would like to follow up on this subject and possibly get your recommendation

Currently I have 2 white label app that are public. I can change that to private if necessary.

I would like to sell the app on both platforms for a fix price of 9.99 to start (trial) until July 1st and then be a monthly subscription of 99.99.

How would I be able to do that, technically speaking? Does appsheet allows for reoccurring payments? Or Would that be something Google/iOS do from within the store?
Thank you for any information you can provide. As of now they are available for a fix fee of 9.99. Not sure how to proceed with subscription payments

These two subscription fees are two separate things. The fee in Google Play has nothing to do with your Appsheet payments if you use Publisher Pro. If you change it to Pro plan, then you just need to have correct amount of licenses.

Hi Ricardo,

Is there any other further communication about this topic or do you find correct solution for that issue?

Thanks for your quick relpy.