How to setup Publisher Pro with Postgres

Hello, I have a business account and trying to figure out how to setup my AppSheet Public App based on a postgres database (no user sign in needed) with my AppSheet business account . Do I setup a separate account and delegate the billing to my AppSheet business account in order to have it work with Postgres? I understand there will be a Publisher Pro fee for the separate account - just want to understand the process.

Any help would be great!

A million thanks and hope you’re all safe.

Hi Daisy,

I can definitely assist you with this situation. You will need to create an additional account for the public apps. Once you do, please send the email/account ID to and I can enable the same SQL access to your new account.

Thanks Nick for following up. You’ve already provided the SQL Access on the second account - thank you. How do I switch this one to Publisher Pro? The billing for the account is managed by my account. Is it there?

Will standby. Thanks again Nick, hope you’re staying well.