How to setup Save File in Workflow

(James McFarlane) #1

Hi all,

I have been trying to setup a second step in a workflow that is triggered when an addition or update is done to a table. The first step works because it is sending the email but not saving the pdf file to google drive. I have read documentation but even after doing as written not able to get file saved.

Attached is screen shot of the setup in the workflow.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

You may want to check the audit history to see if there are any failures.

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(James McFarlane) #3

Did not find any light in the audit history. Any other pointers?

(Philip Garrett) #4

Please see if the PDF files is written to

If not, please update the “File Folder Path” in workflow rule “Save PDF File” to eliminate the trailing slash and then try again. In other words. change “201903/” to “201903”.

It looks like the presence of the extra slash may be resulting in an invalid file name. Note that the file name contains two slashes in succession.

After you make this change, look at the Audit History for workflow rule “Save PDF File” and look for the “FileName” property. It will tell you the name of the save file.

(Philip Garrett) #5

I have made a change that we detect when the “File Folder Path” contains either an opening or closing slash. If so, we automatically eliminate the unneeded slash characters. If testing goes well, this change will be released on Monday afternoon Seattle time.

In the interim, you can eliminate the problem by manually eliminating the trailing slash following “201903/” in the “File Folder Path” in workflow rule “Save PDF File”.