How to share the same data for multiple rows

Hi guys,

I’d like to create a purchase record app by appsheet, there are 5 columns in my app which is date, item, price, quality, and delivery fee.

e.g. I purchased a listing of food, apple, banana and orange and total delivery fee is $11. And my question is how should I record this delivery fee?

  1. Apple 11, banana 0, orange 0 ?
  2. Apple 11, banana 11, orange 11?(if i summary delivery fee that will be coming 33)
  3. Apple 3.666, banana 3.666, orange 3.666…

Please give me a good suggestion

You could add a “parent” Table to hold any number of “child” records, that are all grouped together by a “delivery”. Then just store the $11 value in the parent record.


Thank you, bro.

I got it.