How to show a different form every time a specified field is choosen

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I’m realy new to this, but I looked everywhere for an answer to my question and could not find any.
So I’ll try to explain my problem.

I have a base form with 40 questions and I created slices of that form, those slices are unique, corresponding to a certain type of “job”. What I need done is that when the type of the “job” is selected the correct form will continue from that choice.


“Planner” was selected
the next page have to be the form of the slice “Planner” and that’s it, then the new input will ask again about the job, and if I select another like “Engeneer” the next page wil be the form of the slice “Engineer” and so on…

Hope someone faced the problem before and is willing to share the solution

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First, just need to understand what you have implemented to accomplish the statement above. When “Planner” is selected, what kind of view are you on and how does it go to “the next page”?

Regardless, what I think you will want to do is create a FORM view for each of the Slices. Then somewhere you’ll want to use the LINKTOFORM() function to navigate to the proper “job” FORM. Where this happens will depend on your implementation. So post back with what you have implemented so far. Including an image would be very helpful to clarify.

For more info on the LINKTO…() set of functions click the link below:

First of all, thank you for your concern, that being said.:
So far I created a table with the questions for my form and another table (read only) where I have names, emails and so on, from that list appointed in DATA, COLUNMS, in a specific field to be used to select a name and trought that selection a field “JOB” will be automatically completed. That field would be the trigger to a specific form created for a specific slice.
I think you got it in your assumption, I’ll look more closely to the link that you shared to see how it goes.

Anyway, in the pic where I wrote trigger is where I need to use, maybe, LINKTOFORM() to return the specific view.

The view in your image seems to be a form. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to “trigger” navigation to another form based on the selection in that dropdown.

However, here’s what you can do. (Jut one idea)

Now, based on your description, I am understanding in the table you will have a row for each Job selected and some portion of the 40 columns filled-in to answer questions associated to that job.

So…what I would do is have a Form with ONLY the job selection field. The user selects the job and saves. The user is them taken to another FORM specific for the chosen job to answer the related questions.

To do this, you would need to create an Action that navigates to a FORM but selects the FORM based on the job selected in the row (the row just saved with only the job selection on it). This Action is then attached to the Job Selection FORM in the “Form Saved” Behavior.

(NOTE: Using this method, the Action should use the LINKTOROW() function when navigating to the form view so the new row can be passed to it)

So, user selects a Job and saves. The action is fired, reads the job selected and choses the related Job FORM and then navigates to that FORM view using a LINKTOROW() function passing the new row. A new FORM view opens with the associated questions. User fills out and Saves to complete the row.

I hope this all makes sense.

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It does make sense, I’ll try out your idea, thank you and soon i’ll give feedback if it worked.

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