How to show actions in a dereferenced inline table

Hey everyone,

I wonder if someone knows if this is possible…

I have a parent table of “Client”, and two child tables “Timesheet” and “Job List”.

What I want to achieve is when one of our users is completing their “Timesheet” entry, that they can change the [Status] column of a “Job List” item from “Accepted” to “Completed”. So my idea was to dereference the “Related Job Lists” column from the “Client” into the “Timesheet”, and have an action in that table.

The problem is that the action does not seem to come through the dereference:

Any ideas whether this is possible? Or if not, another clever workaround?

Many thanks

There is no way to display actions in forms, unfortunately. :frowning:


Ahhhh I had a feeling that might be the case…

I will put my thinking cap on for a workaround.

Many thanks!

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