How to show ADD button as shown in sample Order Capture App


I am trying to create an application similar to the sample Order Capture App. In the Order Capture App, when I am creating a new order, I can see Add Button to add order details directly in the main new order page.

How do I get the same add button?

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Saurabh Joshi

There should be a column in the Order Details (child) table that is of type “ref”. It should look something like this:
Where the Source Table is the parent table and “Is a part of?” is ON. The “Is a part of” is what allows child entries to be added in line in the form view of the referenced (parent) table.


Thanks a lot. That worked.

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Hi Joshi,
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I had the same problem and it worked doing what Vivian said. After that, how did you change the “description” above and inside the button?

Hi @arielapellini ,

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  1. For changing the “DetallPedido entries… in the IDPedido” description, you will find a list type virtual column named something like “Related DetallePedidos” in your parent table. You can change the display name of that column to the name you wish to have

  1. For changing the button name , please go to the option UX–> Localize as shown below

You may wish to go through below help article