How to show certain rows from a "ref" type

I have a column [Dispatch Key]. It is a type - “ref” (to another Table). I only want to show the rows that have column[Complete]= “yes” (in that referenced table).

I tried a show if expression, but this didn’t work:
[Complete] = “yes”

I also tried this expression, but it didnt work either:

Ok. The slice was where its at! Thanks again Steve!

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Ok. I spoke too soon. I am using the Row Filter condition - but for some reason i am seeing rows i shoudln’t be seeing.

In my table i have a row with column - [Dispatch Ticket] = 8906. This row does NOT have “Yes” under the column [Complete].

Here is the expression i used:

In order for the slice to have any effect, you have to put views on top of it. Create a new view, but instead of choosing Rating Table as the For this data value, choose your new slice. Then visit that view in your app.

I did, but i see the that same row in the app. Shouldn’t it be hidden?

Oh, you don’t need a slice (you can delete it), you need a Suggested values expression for the Dispatch Key column:

  "another Table",
  ([Complete] = "yes")

replacing another Table with the name of the table referenced by the Dispatch Key column.


ok. That for sure worked!

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