How to show child table fields in the detailed view seamlessly


I have a Product Table (parent table) which has products of different categories and then various Specification tables (children tables) for each specific category - Product_Specs_cat1, Product_Specs_cat2, etc.

Now, When in detailed view of the the product, I want to load all the fields from the child table of that particular category of the product being watched to load seamlessly alongwith the the fields of the parent table.

I know virtual column is the solution but is not practical to create virtual columns where there are a lot of fields in the specs table.

The second solution is inline views but that again is not the best thing. It is only one row after all and neither of the views would show all the fields.

It would have been nice…If there was a possibility to call entire child table fields in one virtual column and a view to customise like we customise the inline view.

Dashboard is one other thing but again not the best experience I feel.

One row?

Neither of the views would show all fields?

I am sorry , The Table would show all fields but I want the fields to look seamless in continuation with the fields of the parent table.

Yes. Say I have “Product 1” in Product Table and the category of that Product is say
“Category XYZ” . So I would have 1 row in the table “Product_Specs_XYZ” for Product 1 that will hold the specs of the same. I could have had the specifications fields in the Parent Table itself but different Product Categories have different specifications , So if I have say 10 categories and about 15 specifications for each , It would get to 150 columns which will get very difficult to manage. So Id rather have 10 different tables for each category , each of which will have the specific number of columns for that specific category.

Am I clear ?

Yep, no way to achieve that. :frowning:


That’s sad :pensive:

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