How to show complete date, weekday names

Hi Team,
how can i show name of the day (monday, tuesday, …)?


Edit Your post title mentions “How To show complete date” and in the post you have mentioned “weekday names” So I presume you wish to display entire date along with the weekday name.

If so, please try an expression something like

TEXT([Date Column Name],“DDD DD MMM YYYY”)

will display something like below

Fri 01 Jan 2016

The format
CONCATENATE(TEXT([Date Column Name ],“DDD”),"day ", [Date Column Name])
will display in something like below
Monday 02/01/2016

In general one can format the date in many ways using TEXT() expressions. Please refer to below help article

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Yes @J_jvs it can be done.
Use the function as WEEKDAY([YourDateColumn]) it will return the matching weekday number for the date value in your column.
As you want to display this number as the name of the weekday, you should construct an IFS expression with the WEEKDAY function like below

IFS( WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“1”,“Sunday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“2”,“Monday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“3”,“Tuesday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“4”,“Wednesday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“5”,“Thursday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“6”,“Friday”, WEEKDAY(TODAY())=“7”,“Saturday” )

Replace WEEKDAY(TODAY()) with your WEEKDAY([Your Date Column]).


@Suvrutt_Gurjar How about when it’s a Wednesday… or should we call it Wedday :wink:


@Aleksi ,

Oops ! Great catch !

Wedday will be very funny indeed :slight_smile:

Even Saturday may become Satday ! :slight_smile:

Minor change in above expression. Please make it something like

CONCATENATE(TEXT([Date Column Name],“DDDD”),", ", [Date Column Name])

The TEXT() expressions seem to be really powerful. The output of above expression will be something like below

Saturday, 01/02/2016

**Edit:**Minor typo edited.


ok, thks a lot , its running OK.
I used : “TEXT([Date],“DDDD”)”