How to Show Inline View In Table View

Hi guys

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I had been working for a long time on copying Sample Order Capture App.

I did a deep search on community posts to find out solution for showing inline view which appsheet hides in the table view.

Here is the crack

Copy all the slices, virtual columns and views of Order Capture App.

Appsheet will always hide Open Order Details Inline View in Orders table view.

Delete the Virtual Column Open Order Details and then Order Details (renamed from Related Order Details)

Appsheet will automatically re create the column Related Order Details which will pop on the screen. In the formula change name to Open Order Details and in the reference table choose Open Order Details Slice. In the Description you can change description to ‘Open Order Details’. In the show column, expression can be given '[Order Status] = “OPEN”

You will now have Inline Open Order Details shown in the Table View.
AppSheet will again create Column Related Order Details which you can accept and remove the tick for ‘show’.

But the form which was deliberately hidden by appsheet can now be seen.

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