How to show KML file stored on google drive

Hi everyone!

Can someone please guide me through the process of applying a KML to a Map View?

I have the KML file on my google Drive, I tried linking to the file via the table (like with images) with:
but that didnt work

I tried using the share link provided by google drive but didnt work either.

Also tried: 17

i even tried using: to get the export link but no results either.

The kml file size is 54kb.

Any ideas?

Hi @Nicolas_Feldman ist this working for you?

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Hi @Fabian, I´m still struggling with this.
This didn´t work either.
For what i read on other posts the URL that hosts the file must end in “.kml”
The download URL for the kml file of Google Maps, does not have this…

Any other ideas?