How to show most frequently viewed record/item?


So I have read only app and I would like to create a view where I can show most frequently viewed records.

So let’s say I have 1000 records, I wish to track how many times each record is viewed/opened and then based on this value create a view to show in descending order top 50 most viewed records.

I already have views created to search and then ope
to view records.

How can I achieve this?


1.) Add a counter column do your gSheet
2.) Create an Action which will increment the current value of this column by +1.
3.) Create an Action which will navigate to the Detail View of that table
4.) Create A Sequence of Actions with #2 and #3
5.) Use the action in #4 as the Row Selected Property of that view.

You can create a slice from this table to construct your Top50 records view easily.


Thanks that worked for me.

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You’re welcome