How to show only count without "Related"

Hi Experts,

Please share your tips how to show only count without “Related” for field with formula “REF_ROWS”. Please find what it looks “Related table(count)”, which I want to see only “count”.
Hope it can be fixed.appsheet-related

I believe since it is system created column, you may not be able to remove that “Related table(Count)” description and mention only Count().

I believe if it is necessary, please consider the following workaround.

Add a number type VC called say Table Name Records with expression COUNT([Related Tables]) wherein [Related Tables] is the reverse reference list type column.

In the picture below, both the columns are shown in the table view just as an example. Please display the number column only in the table view and the rev_ref list column in the detail view using CONTEXT() expressions in the Show_if constraint.

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Find that view in the UX and select the columns you want to show with the Column Order section.
Or, in the Column structure, find the column and uncheck the box that says Show. By unchecking the box in the column structure, you will not see the Related fields in the form views either.

Hi Suvrutt,

Thanks a lot for your help. It works well. :100: