How to show the action icon that attach to a column

I have an action that attach to a column. In table view, the column will hide data and show the action icon only. But when I change the action to attach to another column, the column shows data only. What the difference between these 2 columns, and how to show the action icon as default?

The action button display as default when attach to column B

But when I change the attach to column A, the table view will show the column A data, not the action button anymore

So, how can I change this behavior, make the column A show the action icon, not data?

What I’ve done in the past is to add a column called [Show Action] just so that I can associate the action with this blank column. If you change the display name to “” the App user won’t even realise


Thanks, that’ll help. But I want to know when it will show the action icon, and when it will show the data?

You can’t really have it that way. A column can only either show the data OR the action. Hence why you need to use 2 columns to achieve this

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Actually, I want column A to show the action, but it shows data instead. I’ve tried to attach the action to column B and it showed the action as I expected. But I don’t know why column A shows data, and how to make it show the action

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O I C. Change Prominence in the Action settings to “Display Inline” and choose the column

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