How to show users in a new view entries that they would be interested at based on previous selections

Hi AppSheet community,

I am working on an app that shows what events our school has (e.g. Football match, meetings etc.)

I am wondering if there is a way (most likely would involve the predictive models) to categorize each event/entry into Sports,Meeting and create a new view (e.g. A For You page) where it lists events that the user might be interested in based on previous selections/(searches for events within the app?) based on the category of the event in the app?

For example, it might show more events that are categorized by Sports in the For You view if the user seems to be more interested in Sport events (They click on those events more often than others.)

William Pyke

I believe USERSETTINGS will help that.

For instance, you create the usersettings for Sports category, and make it ENUMLIST. User goes to your app and they customize the usersetting for their own. For instance, one my select one sports, other might three they are interested in. So Enumlist type should fit. I will call this usersettings as “SportsWithInterest”

And create slice. For sports event table you should have category. Then IN([Caterogy], USERSETTINGS(“SportsWithInterest”) as filter condition.

The usersettings is adhere to each log in users, so you can let each app user to “customize” their view on the app.

Same story for other event. You create another usersettings and use that as filter condition for slice table, then use the slice for views.


UserSettings would work, another option would be to create a Users table to store all this information.

Another suggestion would be to include additional tags that can be assigned to any activity. This way you not only have “Sports” - or “Football” - but also descriptive tags that people can key on instead of a category (“Jr. Varsity Mens”, marching band, etc.)

Depending on how crazy you want to get, you could create a method for users to “Like” something or “add it to their agenda” - something like that; this would open the functionality of showing what’s popular.

All sorts of possibilities. :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying tsuji_koichi,

I’m new to AppSheet and I don’t understand much of what you said there, although I do understand some stuff like the basic concept of slices. Other than that, tables, views and info, I don’t understand much else. I’ve only recently started using AppSheet and would love if you can point me towards a guide that can help me step-by-step with that. Sorry if this comes across as a bit of a burden.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed,
William Pyke

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I generated quick sample for you and posted on my portfolio so that you copy and see the anatomy and use it as starting point to build up your own app.
Basically this app is based on my previous suggestion, how to use the usersettings to filter the event etc.


Thanks so much! I’ll take a look at it.