How to show value if the current logged user matches with assigned email for that value?

I have made a form where I can assign that value to a user based on their email. However, I want the current logged in user to be able to see the value if it matches with the assigned email while other values which is not assigned to the current logged in user and not assigned to them based on the email should not be able to see the value.

I have tried making a slice out of a User list table and set the condition to be USEREMAIL() = [Email] and then I tried putting the expression ANY(Current_User[Email]) following this example in the Show_if expression but it doesn’t work.

Note: I am adding the condition at the Show_if in a virtual column.

@Steve any guide on this?

Thank you everyone!

Please post screenshots of the virtual column’s configuration and of the entire Show? expression.

In what way doesn’t it work? If never shows? It always shows?

How are you presenting the column to the user? What type of view? How is the view configured?

Hi @Steve here’s my virtual column configuration

Show? expression

User list table

So the idea is to show the Related Inspections column if the email assigned to it matches with the current logged in user. Eg:

If the email doesn’t match with the assigned, the column will not be shown.

This is my Inspection table where I referenced the ‘Assign Checklist to’ to my User list table

However after applying the Show? expression, the entire column disappeared as following:

Please explain what you think this is doing:


I think it would show Related inspections inside the assigned email for the current user. Basically I wanted all the Related inspections relate to the email so that when a user logs in, their current email will trigger to display all the inspections made only by the user. I’m not sure how to write a proper expression or method for this.