How to slice?

Hi AppSheet community.

I am having trouble trying to present my data better in my app.

I have a table of names and documents. The users will acknowledge the documents by selecting their names and the document to be acknowledged in the form page and then use the signature property to sign.

Currently, the app can only display the list of names that has signed. Is it possible to display the list of names that has not signed the document? I thought of using the slice function but I am unsure if it works.

Hope anyone will be able to assist me :slight_smile:

create a slice with the row condition


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you could provide me with more help?

So, how should I go about and do this from here?

Really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Row Filter Condition
ISBLANK([the signature column])

then you create a new view and where you select the table you will find the slice