How to specify the Y-Axis start value for a chart?


It would be nice to be able to control the min-value of a Y-axis of a common chart. Here are two results from the same data, with two extremes. Is there any way to specify a min-value for the Y-axis?

line column

To start with , you may wish to go through the following recent announcement

Could you please add what you wish to implement, a value starting from 0 or some such minimum value in the line chart’s Y axis? I believe a line chart’s minimum Y axis settles down to minimum value in the chart

In that case, one not so elegant workaround could be to have one value of 0 or the desired minimum value permanently in a row or another column and to include that row in the slice of the chart. However wherever this minimum value is in the slice( beginning or end), it will appear there in the chart and the chart could look a bit odd, if next value is very high.

If it is a different column, the zero ( or minimum) value will show across all data points.

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Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar . In the above charts I posted (same data), I would have chosen something like 9 to have given a bit of bottom “padding” in the case of the line chart to make it less erratic and to reduce the excessive length of the histogram bars to make the series more pronounced. Fingers crossed for the new charts. This isn’t a radical notion and really should be in any charting app (IMHO). It’s usually done with a “zig-zag” near the bottom of the axis to highlight that it doesn’t start at zero, which I’m sure we’re all aware of.

Thank you for the hack ideas. I’ll see what’s best.

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Got it. I am sure the new charting engine from AppSheet will be much feature rich and powerful.

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