How to stamp a spreadsheet formula generated value to another table

I have 2 tables:

  1. Currency Table
  2. Orders Table

The Currency Table has a column [Fx Rate] that is generating a currency exchange rate via a google finance API call formula eg: =IFERROR(GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:”&B2))

The Orders table has a status column that has 13 stages, at one of the status stages i would like to create an action or workflow that copies the (always changing) value from the [Fx Rate] column of the Currency Table and places the current value (at the time the user updates to the relevant status) into the Orders Table [Applied Fx Rate] column

Not sure how other members here are applying currency conversions to their data, any help would be great, just a shove in the general direction will be fine. I don’t think i can simply use an app formula to produce the result, i’ve tried quite a few ways.

Any ideas?

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I would create a Data-set action that contains a LOOKUP() that pulls in the currency rate you want.

Once you have this action, then it’s just a matter of calling that action on the appropriate Order record using a Reference Action.

Since you’ll be progressing the order through each of the 13 stages individually, inside the action(s) that you’re using to progress things along, use a composite action (that’s one of those sequence type actions) so you can do more than one thing with the single push button.

  • Move the status to the next stage, AND grab the exchange rate.

Thanks for replying, i missed this notification somehow
I have since learned how to create reference actions so i will take another look at this soon, appreciated

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