How to SUBSTUTITE a '?

SUBSTITUTE( “’”, “_”) gives syntax error.

How do you substitute a quote character (’)

The reason I need to do this is to get the correct file name because Appsheet seems to automatically substitute ’ with - for some reason when creating a PDF giving rise to a mismatch in the physical file and the original filename

Hi, did you try that ?

SUBSTITUTE( “\’”, “_”)

Just an idea…

Does not work

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Need the column you want to SUBSTITUTE the value in.

I am doing SUBSTITUTE([WhaterField] , “’”, _")

Its that fact that " " with ’ inside foes not work!

Other sunstutute are OK.

Most languages can use " or ’ as text delimeters so you cane delimte either " or ’

Apsheet doesn’t so you cannot substute a ’ with something else in a string.

Oh, you want to replace an apostrophe. Whoops!

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Still seems like something that would count as a bug to be fixed? Rather than finding 1 forum post on the matter :man_shrugging:

It is definitely a bug. As I understand it, the expression parser is an external library, and fixing this bug would require patching the library, which isn’t desirable.

@natalie, can you share any insight here?

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A bug? I thought that’s just how it works.

That sounds like a might break other formulas event which I would definitely rather not have.

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Yes, fixing the issue is nontrivial due to reasons mentioned above. Please continue to use the suggested workarounds, eg, replace where you intend to use "'" with TRIM("' "). Thanks!


I guess so long as there is A method that’s what really counts.

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Heres’s one workaround courtesy of @Aleksi

SUBSTITUTE(“Sample’text”,LEFT("’ “,1),”")