How to sync app on start

Hi all,

I’m having issues with my users, this is the second time that happens.

At opening the app, the device does not load the latest version.

Is it normal ? Should I do a specific action for updating all versions ?
I figured out lately that I can click on the button

But I’m not sure of what happens at clicking here : will they ALL see the message, will they ALL have the newest version…?

Here is the user version: (1.000097)

Here is the current actual version: (1.000124)

Obviously, this particular device met an issue at updating versions for a long time.
In addition, other users did not have trouble like this one.

Many thanks for your help


Regarding the app versioning (Latest, Stable, Default), this is a AppSheet Business Plan feature. It does not have an affect with the accounts other than Business Plan enrolled.

Regarding the error message, it seems that you have added a column to your Mouvements table where the actual number of columns in the back-end (19) is not matching with the number of columns in the table schema of the app (18). Users generally experience this error when you update an app build because the users have the tendency of soft closing the app which lets the app running in the mobile devices background. When the fetch the app back from memory, the app will have an older version as the app is not synced, haven’t fetched the latest app build from the server and they will face this error when adding/deleting/updating app data.

In general, pressing Cancel in this screen returns you back to the app’s initial view and you need to:
[1] Open the hamgurger menu
[2] Reset the changes
[3] Sync the app before going any further


Hi @LeventK

Thanks for your help.

I met that issue before, so regarding the error message, I knew I had to get back to a previous configuration, in order to allow the sync and then get to new configuration/version later. Fortunately, I could do it in a very short time.

So, the only way to make sure users will always have the newest version with a PRO plan is just to inform my users to be careful and sync app before going further ?

The major important point is, inform your users about the soft closing of the app. The appp shouldn’t be left running on the background. After soft closing of the app, they shall immediately remove the app from background running app drawer.


Just a question that come to mind, what does this with push messages?

Can you a bit elaborate your question?

Yes ofcourse,

When an app is totally closed. And I have a workflow rule with a notify, Is the person getting this push message? If not, there is no way (that I know of) that I can see my push messages when I open the app. Or my older push messages.

To receive the push notifications, the user should have at least once logged in to the base AppSheet App (not your app). After that even app is totally closed, the user will receive the push notification, because the push notifications are delivered thru the base AppSheet app, not thru your app.


Thank you @LeventK

I will check that with my users !