How to tell the app user that it is necessary to refresh the page. Action, app version

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What if the user has not updated the application page in the browser for a long time, and after that has started working with the content to create, change or delete the content.
During this time, while the application page was not updated in the browser, the version of the application itself could change, some application functions could be supplemented or changed. And as a result, the information may not be recorded.
In this case, is it possible to create a condition under which the add, edit, and delete action buttons will stop working or will hide (after few hours) until the user refreshes the page?

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Enable Automatic updates:



Thanks a lot for the answer.
Of course, I have this function enabled, but most likely this is not exactly the solution to the problem. If I do not update the bowser for a long time and then start changing something in the application, then the figure in the far right corner responsible for the number of changes only starts to increase, for some reason, the information does not enter the database, and I need have to press the reset button for the latest changes. After resetting changes and refreshing the page, the app continues to work as usual.

What if write a function on the principle of delay, after the delay expires, the button will simply hide. I think it’s good idea. no button, no problem :slight_smile: