How to terminate a PENDING Bot

I created a Bot and accidentally during testing I added a 72 hour delay as the last step. So no any subsequent runs of the bot do nothing. I’ve deleted the delay step and done a sync, but its still pending. I’ve also disabled it too and synced, which also did nothing. Do I have to delete the entire Bot to clear this or is there nothing I can do?

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Attn @Dan_Bahir @Zhifeng_Lin

@1minManager Hi Simon, currently there is no way to terminate a PENDING bot/process manually until the timeout period is reached.
We are in the process of discussing how to enhance the wait step feature to allow manual cancellation/termination of a pending process, possibly from the Monitoring App.





Ok, well at least I know…

My suggestion would be for a button to terminate the task. But also a time to show how long is left.

Also from what I’ve seen, once a Bot is in PENDING mode it cannot be triggered until this ends. Can you confirm that? Since to me it seems plausable for someone to want a delay, but for this to be on each trigger, not the entire bot.