How to test on device with different user emails?

I have been building apps for a while and don’t remember having issues switching test users on a device. Now I have a need to do so again (its been a while since I needed to) and cannot seem to be able to switch users.

My app is a non-deployed app that I am testing changes with.

I have 3 accounts - app creator Google account, a test user Google account and an Apple ID account as a test account.

I have added the two test account emails to the app.

First off, in spite of clicking he buttons on the invite email and installing the app, the users list in the app still show as “no response”. Not sure if this is a factor.

From the login in view, if I tap the Google button, the app seems to always login with the app creator Google account. I seem to recall in the past that if I simply logged into Google drive with a different Google account, then the app would use that account as well. This doesn’t seem to be happening today. Even after switching ALL Google apps to the test Google account, the AppSheet app still logs in with the app creator Google account. How can I switch Google user accounts for testing?

From the login in view, if I tap Apple button, I get the Touch ID reader to login with a thumb print, but AppSheet present a message of “Auth Failure: no email address fetched”.

There was an AppSheet update not automatically installed which I applied and I have tried deleting the app and re-installing multiple times.

Incognito mode?

That’s for browser access to the app right? That might work. I would prefer to login to the mobile app version to keep functionality consistent with what users see.

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I resolved this with some help from AppSheet support. In the end I needed to REMOVE the app creator Google account from my device. Once I did that, any time I logged out of the AppSheet app and then tapped Google as the authentication provider, i was presented a dialog to choose which account I wanted to login with. Yeah!

AppSheet seems to think that automatic account login and ability to choose account is being controlled by Google. If that is the case, I’d like to know how they are choosing the default account to automatically use for login. And why, when I removed that default account, are they not simply defaulting to the next account in line. Instead I need to choose the account.

Another issue I ran into was updating the username of a Google account. All of the Google apps show the updated username. But when I log into the AppSheet app, the old username appears. This tells me that AppSheet is caching that Google account information somewhere (which I don’t think they should EVER do) and I cannot seem to figure out where that is. I tried clearing cache on the device, clearing browsing history, clearing cookies, deleting the apps even the AppSheet container app. I still always get the OLD Google account username. Where o where is it?

Anyway, to get around this issue so I could test, I had to implement code in the app to force the username to my desired text. Yes, I am aware the usage of usernames is not recommended.