How to track partial payments

I’m struggling to come up with a way to account for partial payments for each order. The sales people make multiple partial collections for some orders, is there some way i can subtract from the total bill amount and keep track of all the timestamps, type of partial payment(cash or cheque or e - transfer) and the partial payment amounts.

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You can create a child table linked with this table ID as REF. You can add payments and create an action to update the parent table when the child table is updated.

In Total column, you can use this SUM() | AppSheet Help Center


Thank you! I’ll give it a try!

Thank you! The related rows work fine. But I cant seem to get my sum formula to work. It just returns 0.

SUM ( SELECT (Order Item[Amount], [Order ID] = [_THISROW].[ID]))
Order Table

Order Item Table

You have to setup an action as mentioned above and should be attached to form on save event.

You can have a look at this

Or you can make total column as virtual column.

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Do i use the sum(select()… formula in the reference rows bar?

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SUM(SELECT()…) Should be used on total column in parent table


I’m really confused, what formula do i use where?
The screen shot below is the Action I’m suppose to like to the form and the order columns.

Did you have a look at the post and the video description I have shared previously ? It’s clearly mentioned and I hope it can be implemented exactly same like that in your app.


I finally made it work!!Thank you!!!