How to track row updates

i have a table where i need to update certain columns, but i would like to keep track of any update.
item ----- price
apple ---- 1$
pear ---- 2$

i can create an order
order n. — item — Q.TY— price — total
uniqueID — apple — 20 — 1 — 20
so when i go into my table i have a ref action to see the history of any “apple” order.
Now i want change the price; 1.20$ for example.
The next order will be recorded with the new price and everything works, but i would like to track also the price change when i press the view ref action because is part of the history of “apple”.


One way is if you add a child table for your price… The item itself is a parent and the price is a child. Then you could save all your price changes as a separate record. For the order, you could reaad the latest price for that item with the initial value…

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