How to trigger action in a different table

i found some similar cases in other topics but i’m not sure they are my exact case, so…
i have a main table full of records that i need to update, but not just editing them.
So i have create a “twin” table with most of the same columns but this time the table is empty; this one is suited to create new event on every change with a timestamp, so i can keep track of all the changes and the history too.
Now, i need to update the main table with the newest values of the second one.
I have created an action in the first table with all the field i need to update, with a lookup(maxrow(data…) in the second table
Everything is fine, ecxept that i have to go into the first table and press the action.
I would like to update automatically when i create a new record in the second table.


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Hi, you would need to use action type “Add a new row to another table using values from this row”.

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Hi, @Mark_11, i’ve just worked it out. here goes.
i have the same: a main table and a second with less columns. each time a record is ADDed in the second, Actions and Workflow automatically update the columns in the correct row of the main.

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there’s an article about this, it helped, but i don’t have it handy, i searched update column …

Action 1:
pick your main table,
choose Data: Set values of some columns in this row,
select the columns to update, you can do several in the same action. the expression is tricky, one of mine.

LOOKUP(MAXROW(“second table”,“timestamp”),“second table”,“keycolumnofsecondtable”,“columnwithdatatoputinmaintable”)

Action 2:
For Records of this table: pick second table
chose Data: execute an action on a set of rows
Referenced table: pick main table
Ref’d Rows: value in a column of second table that picks correct row in main table. my expression:
Ref’d action: name Action 1

Workflow 1:
pick second table
Update event: ADDS_ONLY
Reaction: Change Date
WF name: freehand
Data Change Action: pick Action 2

hope it helps

Great, it works…except one field; i did copy and past for the lookup formula for every fields in action1 so it’s weird.

Can you clarify the mechanism of action 2 and the workflow, so the next time i can get it myself.


Edit. is more than one field that doesn’t work; i’m trying to figure out why. I have 10 columns to update; 2-3 of them remain with the old data

Edit 2. It works if i press the action 1 manually.

Any suggestions?

I’ve also tryed this action and it’s a way easier to do instead of make the reverse update thing.
Didn’t know this action. I think i will go with this one.

Still curious about the other method, that works too, but not for every columns

Aleksi you rite, i have added a workflow when “ALL_CHANGES” happen, the action “Add a new row to another table using values from this row” will apply, the only thing needed to do is to map the columns one by one :sunglasses:

Great, just solved my issue. Thanks.