How to trigger workflow by changes made in another AppSheet application

Hello, I am in the process of developing two applications, one for admin and other for clients.
I desire a behavior where a notification goes out to the user from the client app when the admin adds a new row through the admin app to the database that is shared by the both applications.

I read here that

Changes made through another AppSheet application, even if that application is using the same underlying spreadsheet or database table.

and was wondering if there is a way around this.

Thank you in advance.

The workflow would have to reside in the admin app and be triggered by it. That is doable. But it can’t trigger something in the client app.

But I don’t know how the admin app would know the specific user of the client app you want to receive the notification. Is that info contained in the row added by the admin?

I suggest that you should not separate the apps into two, but stay in a single app, where you will implement mechanism to show and hide the view associated with either Admin or User. For instance, once the admin user log in, then present the views only designed for admin user, likewise view only for those who are are defined as normal user.

By doing it, you can easily implement the notification set up, when the user do some interaction with app, then same app will do something for Admin users.

Disadvantage to invoke action from one app to another, is only Appsheet API to invoke action will manage, i.e. you need Business Subscriptions.


Nope. The best you could do is setup a report for the client app that periodically looks for the updates made by the admin app.

I agree with this.

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