How to Unsubscribe payment method permanently?

I am no longer using AppSheet. Since April. But still deducting money from my visa card. How to unsubscribe?

Please ensure you have completed the following steps:

  • Have you removed all the white-listed users from your app(s)? thru Users
  • Have you removed and reset all the licences from your app(s)? thru My Account > Billing
  • Have you undeployed all your apps or paused all your apps? thru Manage > Deploy > Return to Prototype or Manage > Deploy > Pause app
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no didnt but i deleted the it ok now?

Not sure what is happening behind, but absolute solutions is just delete your appsheet account, as Appsheet will have no way to charge on you…

But sad to see you leave from Appsheet, which is most powerful solutions on this planet.

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thanks for the soultion. yes app sheet is good. i will join with appsheet when i need it again. :slight_smile:

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