How to update column in table A when row selected on table B view

When a row is selected from a view of table B, I want a column value from B to be used to update a column on table A. I think I need an action on table B and another one on table A but not sure how to make both of them work together so column value of B would update into A.

Once I solve the above issue, I will another similar issue to solve. I need to create a new row in table X using columns values of the row selected on view of table Y. Again, I am guessing more than one action needed but not sure how to string them up.


You solved the 1st question already?

I posted the first one and then realized what I need to do right after that is is related.
So I posted both in the thread. Sorry for any confusion

No problem. Check the sample app EventAction how it’s done. It sounds you are looking for something same…

Thanks @Aleksi. This brings me closer. What I need is a little more. Let me explain it in Inspection-Equipment sample app terms

Let’s say there was a Inspection Code in the Inspection table and you want to update the Equipment table with that code. In that case, you would need to somehow have access to the Inspection Code in the Equipment table action.

Do you see what I mean? Possible?

@Aleksi, I just noticed the “RELATED Inspections” usage which I was seeking.
Going to try that.

Could not find documentation on “RELATED”. Let me know. Thanks!

@Aleksi, Rethinking my problem in terms of the solution you gave, using RELATED may be an issue.

In my case, when a row on table B is selected, the field F value needs to applied to field F in table A for all rows . In other words, all field F values in table A will overwritten with the selected value from table B.


PS: It is unimportant for this discussion but just for background, in case you are wondering, field F in table A is a virtual column whose value will keep changing based on the selection.
BTW send me the RELATED documentation link anyway, will need that sooner or later. Thanks much!