How to update column type without losing Un-Synced Data

Hi everybody,

Is there any known method of updating a column type for an app that has had sync errors?

The (irresponsible) user of the app has made 65 new entries and updates to existing rows after the sync was not successful.

I have tried:

  • Changing the ENUM column to be a text column
  • Adding the “expected value” as an ENUM
  • Clicking the required boxes for allow other values (etc.)
  • Syncing repeatedly to see if that it can register the column value change

Obviously, without being able to Sync, it can’t get the new column type and thus can’t clear the Enum error (even after converted to text)

At this stage, it is looking like the data will need to be re-entered or updated, which will require me going through the Sync list on the iPad and hoping that I can get most of this completed.

I know that this is probably a futile exercise, however I thought I would see if anybody had any tips or solutions.

EDIT: I do have the “Change log” ready in the format that AppSheet displays (I assume it’s like a semi-JSON output?)

Put the App in recovery more (Manage → Deploy). But be aware there is a risk you could loose some data. We’ve had this before loose signatures and pictures. So might be worth getting them to do screen shots of anything really important.

Simply put it in recovery mode, save, get them to sync, then turn recovery mode off and see what you have

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@1minManager , I’m curious to hear more about your experiences with using the “recovery mode”. When exactly do you turn it on, what results do you get from turning it on? I’ve experimented with it a few times, but it just never seemed to do anything.

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So we had an issue yesterday like the above. User hadn’t synced since we added a few new columns. The data came in but strangely the 3 signature images where missing. We know the user created them as each of them is timestamped and GPSstamped. So recovery mode is not perfect but its better than having to click “reset changes” and delete all the sync updates


Interesting, thanks.

Hey @1minManager

I can’t believe that I overlooked this so easily. I actually went down the path of exporting and converting to JSON and then had a brain snap moment of “just enable recovery mode!”

I thought I removed this thread, but I’ve just checked back and seen that there are responses.

It was a lot easier than the original path I started on.