How to update or reset a percent value?

I made 2 columns Descuento(Typedata:percente) & Discount_Show(Typedata:Yes/No)

I did this expression in an action from behavior:

IF([Discount_Show]=false,[Descuento]=0,false) EndIf

I needed Descuento =empty or take the empty value like the strings=""

I don’t have error, but it didn’t work.

I said “Empty” i refer like the photo when the value is in gray like u didn’t put any value.

descuento UI okokok

Can i ask unlimited questions?

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You can ask unlimited questions but it is advisable that you try and look for answers in the documentation as well.

For this question, I don’t understand what’s wrong?

What do you want to happen?


Yeah i saw the documentation 2 hours for day, cause it’s an incredible power. Appsheet

i have 2 columns Percent(Descuento) and Yes/no (Discount_show: is an option button just can be Yes or NO).

:rofl: i missed the other question.

Is it possible change the value to empty data without u delete the data manually, what is the expression to do that? :thinking:



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I got it yesterday, i used in Formula with each camp:
“IF([Discount_Show]=true,CONCATENATE(“Razón del Descuento: (Discount Reason in English :butterfly:)”, [Razon del Descuento],”."), “”)"
And each discount_show was true show something otherwise Discount_show was false show “”(empty),And the var type price, number, percent, i concatentate these in a string, My boss (told me use CONCATENATE()) and you really helped me.


:smiley: I was so Happy yesterday :smiley:

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