How to use a value from the Detail view's record to create a dynamic slice?


I have:

  1. A table with active jobs
  2. Another table with all previous jobs.

When clicking into Detail view for a job from the Active job view, I’d like to have an Action button which opens a view made from a slice of the Previous Jobs table filtered by some job details of the job I’m in Detail view for (or in other words a history of jobs at the currently selected location).

I have an action and “prominent” button set up which links to a sliced view. The only missing part is how to create the view. So for the detail view I’m in, the slice view should show all previous jobs based on that address.

I’ve been playing around with [First Name] = [_THISROW].[First Name] (as a test) but no luck so far.

Any thoughts? I assume this is a common use case.

You may wish to share what expression you are currently using and where you are using to go the desired view of previous jobs.

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Hi Suvrutt, Thank you for response. I suppose my question was a bit long-winded.

What I need is to be able to make a View based off of a slice where the slice’s row filter is based on values in the current record. “Current” as in the row for the Details I’m in.

So in terms of usage, I’m in the Details view for a job. One field is “Street”. I click on an Action button and go to a View which has a table of all jobs from the other (Previous Jobs) table for that address, i.e. a history of our work at that address.

I thought that having a slice with a row filter of [Street] = [_THISROW].[Street] would work but I may be misunderstanding how to _THISROW works.

I hope that’s clear and thank you or anyone else who can help out. This is honestly quite exciting and I guess/hope it’s another case of “simple when you know how”.

And thank you for your patience. I’m just half of a husband and wife cleaning business and I’ve already put Appsheets to great use with simple stuff so far. Really loving the potential and eager to learn the “how”.

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Thank you for the details. You are correct. AppSheet presents many powerful possibilities in terms of business apps.

If I have correctly understood your requirement, have you explored use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() action?

In the sample apps below, there are examples of LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() action usage.


Oh man, thank you from the bottom of my heart! That’s exactly what I was after and works like a dream. Each step with AppScript makes me a little more productive and less laptop-bound for admin. Lov’n it.